Use the Power of Perception to Add Real Value

What if everyone in your organization exhibited an authentic sense of joy about what they do? What difference would that make for the customers or the patients or the students you serve? Because perception is reality, there is no actual difference between the tangible value of the product or service you provide and the perceived emotional value of the experience you create. Each person's perception choices have an impact on the culture and contribute to either conflict and stress or to healthy balanceengagement and shared success.

For over 20 years, Dave Caperton has drawn on his background as an award-winning educator and business owner and combined that with his talent as a comedy writer and stand-up performer to deliver keynotes, workshops and seminars with his unique blend of humor and researched content to manage perceptions, strengthen connections and empower his audiences to choose joy to cope, lead and succeed

For your next conference or meeting, choose the speaker who will not only bring the fun to engage them but a process to empower them to lead positive cultural change right where they are with what they have, right now. Call the number above, click on the "Contact" tab or click "Tell Me More" to get started making your next event your most joyful and valuable ever.

DAVE'S Clients Include

“I had several people tell me that this was the best, funniest, most appropriate presentation in all the years that Granite has been doing our annual team-building exercise.” 

— Bob Calway, COO, Granite Medical Group

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