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Topics for Business, Healthcare and Education

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Topics for the Workplace


The Amazing Power of One

How powerful is one person to change the world and the culture around them?  You’re more powerful than you think. Learn More

A Business Carol: Inspiring Leadership

Learn how to become a people-centric leader and increase engagement, retention and trust.
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Your Mission: Change the World

Add the missing element in your mission to increase your influence and make a real difference.
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Topics for Personal Growth


O.P.E.N. Communication for Real Influence

We can’t truly manage people but we can manage the messages we send to them. 
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The Stress Myth

Is stress bad? Learn the surprising insights recent research has discovered about stress and the choices you can make to thrive.
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Topics for Healthcare


HUMORx : The Best Medicine

Laughter doesn’t just feel good, it’s good for you.
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Topics for Education Audiences


Joyful Teaching and Learning

Mind-growth principles to optimize learning and make it more fun for everyone.
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Does This Taste Funny? A Cup of Humor to Connect and Cope (and Keep Strawberries Fresh for 79 Years

Evidence shows that laughter disrupts stress, boosts immune function and connects people better than almost any other shared emotional experience.  Laugh and learn simple choices to boost joy, beat burnout and heal with humor.

Testimonials Funny Motivational Speaker

"Outstanding. Appropriate humor-very funny."

– Marque Dressler
Columbus Board of Realtors

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