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Laugh, Learn and Beat Stress!

Over half of educators surveyed say that they feel some level of burnout, and are thinking about quitting.

Most educators entered the field because they felt called to teach, but after two years of a pandemic, remote and hybrid classes and controversies involving teaching and school safety, some are wondering, is my calling killing me?

While there is no easy fix, what they need more than ever is the chance to feel appreciated, celebrated and to experience the healing and connective power of shared laughter.

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Laughter is healing and a great remedy to stress. It's the one pleasure we can indulge in without increasing your guilt or cholesterol


A shared experience of laughter helps forge connections and becomes an interpersonal foundation for building trust


Celebrate the importance of your people and let them know that they matter enough to give them the gift of shared joy 

What audiences say

 "I have been in such a dark place in my life..I'm so overwhelmed...however,  Friday you had me smiling and laughing more in that one hour than I have in a long time ."

“Every day since his presentation I have thought of one or two things he said and I try to do something daily to put a smile on someone’s face”

“It’s been a long time since I’ve laughed so hard that my stomach and face hurt that much (in a good way!!).  Dave’s energy and enthusiasm could be felt be everyone.  I could honestly say that when Dave finished his presentation, we all felt much better about the jobs we do, and the people we do it with.”

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