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What if everyone in your workplace or association approached their work with a joyful mindset? What difference would that make to your customers, to your culture, and to each person's sense of happiness and balance? For over 20 years and with hundreds upon hundreds of clients in almost every conceivable industry, Dave Caperton has helped top organizations find a way to make their conferences memorable and their people empowered to lead positive change right where they are right now. And he does it with his unique blend of side-splitting humor and highly researched content on managing perceptions, strengthening interpersonal connections and coping with humor.

Dave Caperton isn't a typical motivational speaker who spouts success slogans and pumps up a fleeting artificial enthusiasm. With a background in teaching, stand-up comedy as well as business consulting and executive coaching, Dave understands the way that shared laughter works as a learning tool. He uses his humor and stories not just to energize his audiences, but to teach the power of one positive mindset to transform culture, customer service and even health and safety. Fill out the booking inquiry form or call 740-JOYFUL-Y (740-569-3859) today to learn how Dave can help make your next conference or meeting not just informative but fun and transformative.


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  • Boing Aerospace
  • Nationwide Insurance
  • General Electric Keynote Speaker's Client
  • Lockheed Martin Keynote Speaker's Client

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“I had several people tell me that this was the best, funniest, most appropriate presentation in all the years that Granite has been doing our annual team-building exercise.”
— Bob Calway, COO, Granite Medical Group

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by Dave Caperton - on Wednesday, May 15, 2019
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