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What is the Power of One?

Finding ways to solve big problems like employee disengagement and navigating rapid change is a little like being stuck in a traffic jam. It's easy to feel trapped and powerless. In the face of a problem like that, what can one person do? Actually, quite a lot. According to a recent article in the Wall Street Journal, one driver stuck in traffic can get everyone moving with the right attitude and one selfless action. That is The Power of One.

For over 20 years, Dave Caperton has worked with top organizations and associations in business, healthcare, education and government empowering each person to realize his or her potential make a difference, solve problems, serve customers, and create a culture of joyful purpose. Dave combines his long experience as a successful business owner and executive coach with his experience as an educator and stand-up comedian to provide energizing and motivational keynotes and breakouts that are equal parts researched content and laugh-out-loud humor. A master storyteller, Dave crafts and delivers an experience to teach the power of small choices to solve big problems. Over 750 top organizations have been entertained by his humor and transformed by his message of the power of one person, one mission and one moment to make make all the difference.

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  • Boing Aerospace
  • Nationwide Insurance
  • General Electric Keynote Speaker's Client
  • Lockheed Martin Keynote Speaker's Client

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“I had several people tell me that this was the best, funniest, most appropriate presentation in all the years that Granite has been doing our annual team-building exercise.”
— Bob Calway, COO, Granite Medical Group

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