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What Can't Be Measured Can't Be Ignored

by Dave Caperton - on Wednesday, March 23, 2016
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We human beings have a few qualities that make us unique in the world of living things. We can communicate abstract ideas using symbols. We possess the ability to make art for art’s sake. But perhaps our most unique attribute is our amazing and seemingly unlimited ability to accept utter nonsense as long as it is disguised in a catchy phrase.  Read More...

Why a Funny, Motivational Speaker?

by Dave Caperton - on Thursday, January 14, 2016
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And How to Avoid Booking Matt Foley

I don’t know how many times I’ve been asked, "Are you a motivational speaker?” I talk for a living and somehow that question always makes me stammer because, although coming from me it may seem funny, motivational speaker is a term with which I’ve always been uncomfortable. Part of the reason is because it conjures comparisons to those motivational giants whose arena-filling public seminars and flashy infomercials make what I do seem kind of puny in contrast.   Read More...

Funny Motivational Speaker Dave Caperton

About the Author, Funny Motivational Speaker, Dave Caperton

Dave Caperton is a motivational speaker, author, humorist and educator who teaches organizations and individuals the many benefits of humor to manage stress, to improve communication and to strengthen teams. Dave began his professional career as a school teacher, later writing and performing comedy onstage and on radio. For almost 20 years, Dave has been a professional speaker serving individuals and organization all over North America. He provides tailored conference keynotes, closings and breakouts all aimed at creating a joyful and successful culture that includes healing and compassionate humor. Dave is also the author of Happiness Is a Funny Thing, a book he calls a “why-to” book for making the choices that will result in greater joy at work and at home.

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