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No Bull: Laughter Works!

by Dave Caperton - on Sunday, March 30, 2014
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What kind of shared experience is best for bringing people together? Humor? Nope. Shared laughter actually comes in second. Number one: disaster! But, for all of the good that it sparks in others, we don’t want to engineer calamity just to inspire connections, so we can use laughter, the next best thing, to bring people together in a positive way.  Read More...

Make A Monumental Difference

by Dave Caperton - on Thursday, March 13, 2014
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“Start where you are, use what you have, do what you can.”
–Arthur Ashe on how to change the world

On a recent walk with my wife along River Street in the haunting city of Savannah, we came upon a statue facing the river. The bronze figure is of a young girl holding large cloth with both hands and waving it toward the passing ships as they churn toward the docks. Every city has monuments and statues celebrating the lives of those movers and shakers of history such as military heroes, presidents and captains of industry, but this statue bore a name of no one I had ever heard of (in fact, the sculptor, Felix deWeldon, is much more famous as the artist who created the USMC Memorial of the flag-raising on Iwo Jima).  Read More...

Speaking Healing Words

by Dave Caperton - on Sunday, March 02, 2014
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Today I’m thinking about speaking healing words. It’s not a random thought. I’m thinking about it because as I write this, my wife, Suzanna, and I are sitting in the Cleveland Clinic surgery center waiting with Vicky, the wife of our friend Tony as he undergoes his second major surgery in four years. Today it’s cancer surgery. Four years ago it was a heart and double lung transplant.  Read More...

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Dave Caperton is a motivational speaker, author, humorist and educator who teaches organizations and individuals the many benefits of humor to manage stress, to improve communication and to strengthen teams. Dave began his professional career as a school teacher, later writing and performing comedy onstage and on radio. For almost 20 years, Dave has been a professional speaker serving individuals and organization all over North America. He provides tailored conference keynotes, closings and breakouts all aimed at creating a joyful and successful culture that includes healing and compassionate humor. Dave is also the author of Happiness Is a Funny Thing, a book he calls a “why-to” book for making the choices that will result in greater joy at work and at home.

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