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Stop Focusing on Success?

by Dave Caperton - on Wednesday, February 26, 2014
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I’m lucky that I get to travel to interesting places and occasionally, I get to bring my family along. It’s one of the perks of being a funny motivational speaker (sorry, that was for the Google search engine). Last year I was able to visit the Grand Canyon for a few days with my wife and son and we were fortunate that our visit coincided with an annual amateur astronomers gathering during which backyard stargazers set up their telescopes—some quite powerful—along the rim of the canyon. After dusk, visitors could step up and gaze at planets and faraway constellations. After squinting through a dozen telescopes, including one that required us to climb a ladder to look through the eyepiece at a globular cluster of stars millions of light years away, we joined another astronomer who pointed out some things that could be seen without anything but the naked eye and a flexible neck.  Read More...

The Downside of the Upswing

by Dave Caperton - on Thursday, February 20, 2014
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The Coming Crisis in the Unhappy Workplace.

In case you haven’t heard, the economy is improving. Drop the Balloons! Break out the ticker tape! Let loose the pigeons! The Gross Domestic Product (GDP) preliminary figures for the fourth quarter show 3.2% growth, unemployment has dropped to 6.6% (down .6% since October) and that has most everyone feeling hopeful that the great economic downturn might finally beDave point right history.  Read More...

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Dave Caperton is a motivational speaker, author, humorist and educator who teaches organizations and individuals the many benefits of humor to manage stress, to improve communication and to strengthen teams. Dave began his professional career as a school teacher, later writing and performing comedy onstage and on radio. For almost 20 years, Dave has been a professional speaker serving individuals and organization all over North America. He provides tailored conference keynotes, closings and breakouts all aimed at creating a joyful and successful culture that includes healing and compassionate humor. Dave is also the author of Happiness Is a Funny Thing, a book he calls a “why-to” book for making the choices that will result in greater joy at work and at home.

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