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by Dave Caperton - on Thursday, November 27, 2014
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My mom told a story about a friend of hers whose young son was notorious for his perpetual bad mood. One day they were over for lunch and the boy turned up his nose at everything on the table. His mother was embarrassed but Mom, ever the gracious hostess, asked him what he would like. “I want a peanut butter sandwich,” he demanded. Over his mother’s protests that she not go to any trouble, Mom took out a fresh slice of bread and swirled a generous layer of peanut butter over it, placed it on a plate and held it out to him.  Read More...

Funny Motivational Speaker Dave Caperton

About the Author, Funny Motivational Speaker, Dave Caperton

Dave Caperton is a motivational speaker, author, humorist and educator who teaches organizations and individuals the many benefits of humor to manage stress, to improve communication and to strengthen teams. Dave began his professional career as a school teacher, later writing and performing comedy onstage and on radio. For almost 20 years, Dave has been a professional speaker serving individuals and organization all over North America. He provides tailored conference keynotes, closings and breakouts all aimed at creating a joyful and successful culture that includes healing and compassionate humor. Dave is also the author of Happiness Is a Funny Thing, a book he calls a “why-to” book for making the choices that will result in greater joy at work and at home.

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