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It doesn't matter whether your organization is in the financial, technology, healthcare or education industries, its success depends on your people and their success is determined by how they connect and engage with one another and with the clients, members, students or patients they serve. For over 20 years, Dave Caperton has written and spoken for top organizations all over North America including Comcast, True Value, GE Lighting, Boeing, the Cleveland Clinic and the IRS, helping them answer one critical question:  "How can we make it a good place for our team, our customers and ourselves?"  

As a business owner and executive coach, a former educator and stand-up performer, Dave provides high-energy and highly interactive keynotes and workshops with a combination of laughter and content that will make your event memorable for all the right reasons (and make you a hero in the process). All of Dave's topics inspire, entertain and educate with actionable steps that increase trust and critical morale for your group. You'll give them more than a great conference experience. You'll also be giving them strategies to joyfully succeed in and out of work. For your next conference or meeting, bring a combination of laughter and learning and take your event and your success to the next level. 

dave's Clients Include

  • Boing Aerospace
  • Nationwide Insurance
  • Miller Brewing Company Keynote Speaker's Client
  • Century 21 Keynote Speaker's Client

“I had several people tell me that this was the best, funniest, most appropriate presentation in all the years that Granite has been doing our annual team-building exercise.”
— Bob Calway, COO, Granite Medical Group

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Vets Know Why They Sacrifice

by Dave Caperton - on Monday, November 13, 2017
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The veterans we honor each November 11,  have much to teach us about the price of freedom and the value of service. But those who have served under fire are mysteries to me and to all of us who have never known the perils of combat. How, when the air around you is thick and hot with fire and bullets, do you find the courage to move in the direction of the fight? How does a person override their own sense of self-preservation to face danger and manage to lead others into the battle, with you? The military teaches its recruits about chain of command and unquestioned obedience to authority. But I've always wondered, in combat, are those things sufficient to drive soldiers in the direction of their duty?      Read More...

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