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Dave Caperton is "The Joy Strategist." As an author and funny motivational speaker, Dave teaches joy as the result of a process that boosts workplace engagement and success in the same way that exercise increases health and strength. Dave's background as a teacher and stand-up comedian means he works with clients to customize programs that fuse research with comic delivery of clean humor to provide solutions to your group's specific challenges. Dave's keynotes and seminars are the perfect choice for energetic and interactive conference keynotes for your next corporate meeting, education in-service and healthcare audience event.

dave's Clients Include

  • Boing Aerospace
  • Nationwide Insurance
  • Miller Brewing Company Keynote Speaker's Client
  • Century 21 Keynote Speaker's Client

“I had several people tell me that this was the best, funniest, most appropriate presentation in all the years that Granite has been doing our annual team-building exercise.”
— Bob Calway, COO, Granite Medical Group

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The Joy of Pizza

by Dave Caperton - on Thursday, May 26, 2016
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A friend of mine recently told me about an experience he had in a pizza place just north of Atlanta where he lives. Now, Atlanta isn't exactly known for its pizza and although there are undoubtedly lots of pizza places in an area that serves several million, most of them are either national chains or serving a product that is only pizza by the broadest possible definition, or both (I'm looking at you, Dominos). The point is, if he finds a place that makes a decent pizza, he believes it's worth some effort, expense and time to go outside his neighborhood to get it.

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